youth for christ


Because of you…

Youth for Christ in Australia can focus on what we are called to do. We are compelled by the love of Christ to reach the youth of Australia. We focus on the age group of 12-24 years, and we create opportunities to connect with young people in order to share the Gospel with them and make disciples. As a movement we are vision driven and follow the leading of God’s Spirit, therefore we are dynamic and flexible. We are mobilising an army of young people who have a passion for reaching their peers with the message of the Gospel.

Youth for Christ has nine regions around the country, with over 35 missionary staff and hundreds of volunteers reaching young people through peer to peer evangelism, school and afterschool activities and programs, events and camps. For 60 years, we have been building genuine, honest relationships with young people. Given that only one in five young people are ever likely to wander into a church, we choose to actively go into their world, sharing honestly about our own lives and giving them an opportunity to find new life in Christ.

Prayer Needs
  • Pray that we stay clear on the Gospel and do not compromise or waver in our boldness.
  • Pray that God will raise up gifted and called young leaders to join us.
  • That God will provide all the gifts, assets and resources we need.
  • Pray that the message of the Gospel will have free course as we seek to share it with young people around Australia.